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Dera Leader down with Castration Charges

In the gross series of acts by dera Sacha Sauda’s head Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, castrating his disciples was another episode that surfaced after a petition was filed by one of the castrated followers Hans Raj Chauhan. Heeding the petition, the Punjab and Haryana High Court had ordered a CBI probe into the allegations of forceful castration of his 400 dera followers within the ashram.

Chauhan’s counsel Navkiran Singh of Navkiran Singh & Associates Lawyers & Consultants, who specialize in NRI litigation, matrimonial law and criminal law, revealed important information about this strange and forceful castration executed by the dera head. It was claimed by Chauhan in his petition that he as well as about 400 other saints of the ‘dera’ were forcefully castrated inside the ashram, shared Navkiran Singh. The petition mentioned that the innocent devotees were assured that if they would get themselves castrated, they will be able to meet God through the dera head. In a way, castrating them was made to appear by the dera head as a way to meet God and attain salvation, which of course did not realize in the end.

The High Court had previously ordered medical examination of the petitioner Chauhan, who had also filed the petition against the dera head, from the government multi-specialty hospital (GMSH) at Sector-16 in Chandigarh. After the examination by the medical authorities, it was confirmed that Chauhan had indeed been castrated. Revealing more critical information about the cold acts committed by Gurmeet Ram Rahim, Chauhan, who has been requesting a CBI probe into the acts, has also exacted before the High Court that the process of castration of dera followers is conducted by the dera leader with the help of doctors that he has employed in his hospital.

Further, in a report that was submitted before the High Court, the state government shared that it has taped the statements of seven persons who have previously been associated with the dera head. In the report, all of those people have confirmed that they have been castrated because the dera leader had coaxed them into doing it in the name of an act to attain salvation, said Singh, who is a renowned criminal lawyer. The dera chief, who is planning to hit the silver screen this month with his movie ‘Messenger of God (MSG)’, has already invited enough controversy with Sikh organizations. The Akal Takht is already seeking a ban on the movie in which not only has the dera head played the lead role, but has also sung songs. Gurmeet Ram Rahim is also going through serious trial in courts in relation to a case of murder of a journalist and for being involved with sexual exploitation of his women disciples at the dera.

The case is being handled by one of the most competent legal firms in Chandigarh and is expected to yield justice for all those who are accused in the acts reported to the court.

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