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Extensive Experience in
Criminal Law | Matrimonial Law
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Criminal Litigation

Criminal Litigation

Criminal Law, as a branch of law can be highly complex and intricate. We at Navkiran Singh and Associates understand criminal law in its depths. Our lawyers have years of experience backed with extensive study in the field, making us one of the top options for criminal advocates in Chandigarh.


We understand that criminal law can be more complicated than any other field of law. The life of someone innocent might be at stake. So, it is imperative that a criminal lawyer should be equipped with accurate knowledge and an insight that helps the client to get justice. Therefore, we give ample time to study the case and try to solve every case with a different yet effective approach.

Our team of criminal law lawyers at Navkiran Singh and Associates is counted among the best criminal lawyers in Punjab and have a long history of successful cases. We have experience with different kinds of criminal cases, such as:

  • Criminal Appeals in offences relating to Indian Penal Code and Special Acts

  • Quashing of FIR

  • Direction for Protection of Life & Liberty

  • Pre-Arrest / Anticipatory Bail

  • Regular Bail

  • Suspension of Sentence during the Pendency of Appeal

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