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Human Rights Protection: A Talk by Human Rights Activist & Lawyer Navkiran Singh

“Here we talk about the Human Rights Lawyer Navkiran Singh and his organization’s strong contribution in abolishing-capital punishments, drug trafficking and violent killings throughout the Punjab and in other countries of the World”.

Punjab was going through a period of turmoil, when Navkiran Singh stepped in the field of law. The causalities and innocent killings of people influenced him and his colleagues to start an organization to help those people who were helpless.

In 1992, when Punjab police and security agencies started a campaign to harass and kill the human rights defenders, this organization planned to come under the name of ‘Lawyers For Human Rights International’ to become more powerful. The main purpose of this organization was to stand for those people who were incapable to raise their voices.

Drug Trafficking & Capital Punishments

The organization, ‘Lawyers for Human Right International’ is strictly against the people who support and promote drug trafficking. That’s why this organization took a strong step and filed Public Interest Litigation in the Hon’ble High Court at Chandigarh to force the government of Punjab to end the sway of drug trafficking and its aftermaths. The organization also helped the government to halt the import and export of drugs in different countries of the world. Furthermore, the organization is against the death penalty system and is spear heading a campaign with the help of an international body (World Coalition Against the Death Penalty) to abolish the death penalty system in India and abroad.

Blacklisted Sikhs

Many Sikhs who’re living abroad are not allowed to visit India due to the incorrect inclusion of their names on the blacklist. The government of India is continually making it difficult for these Sikhs to visit their motherland and meet their families. Without having any involvement in criminal issues, the government is still not removing their names from the blacklist. We should not forget that India is a democratic country and people should be able to travel and meet their dear ones without getting harassed by Indian immigration officials. “Our government should take a strong step and take out the names of these innocent Sikhs from the blacklist”, says Navkiran Singh.

Fraudulent NRI Marriages

Marriage is a beautiful bond between two people but today’s young generation is disrespecting this holy bond of matrimony by cheating on their spouses. In Punjab, many people are considering NRI marriages as a status symbol and an easy way to enter a foreign country to lead a comfortable and lucrative life. But as the saying goes, all that glitters is not gold.

These days, fraudulent NRI marriages are spreading like a wild fire in many areas of Punjab. Many NRI men are being ditched by their Punjabi wives and vice versa. Things are becoming worse and ethical values are diminishing.

In Punjab and other states of India, most of the Punjabi families are filing fake cases against some innocent NRI people in the fire of vengeance. Many systems are made to protect NRIs but they are of no use as they don’t show their active participation in solving any NRI cases. So there are a vast majority of NRIs, who are facing legal problems. NRI’s are being declared proclaimed offenders (P.O) at their back, without following the due procedure of Law. In the presence of such orders the courts are also coming to the rescue of the NRI’s, on the plea that they are absconding from law. It’s become difficult for NRIs to get out of such catch 22 situation.

Come forward and help Punjab to make it a better and healthy place.

“According to social activist and lawyer Navkiran Singh, NRI men should adopt the children of those families who were damaged due to drug trafficking. They should provide these children a healthy environment and education. NRI men should focus on building some rehabilitation centers and de-addiction centers in some areas of Punjab.”

Let’s make India a corruption-free country – Navkiran Singh

Navkiran Singh Advocate believes that we should take strong steps against corruption which has entered in the roots of our country. Our government should show a zero tolerance to corruption to experience development in country’s economy. Simply put: A corruption-free country can make a better future of its people.

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