Suspension of Sentence in case covered by Daler Singh case

Bail (suspension of sentence)
In a recent judgment dated May 25, 2017 in a case filed by Singh Lawyers titled as BACHITER SINGH VS STATE OF HARYANA (CRM-3212-2017 IN CRA-S-5286-SB-2015). Applicant-appellant was convicted and sentenced to undergo rigorous imprisonment for ten years and to pay a fine of `1 lac for the offence punishable under Section 15 of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985. As per custody certificate, applicant/appellant has already undergone about 3 years 11 months and 2 days of imprisonm...

Unidentified/ Murdered Dead Bodies Continue to Surface in Bhakra Canal – High Court Issues Notice on Contempt Plea

Dead Bodies in Bhakra Canal
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Extradition To India

EXTRADITEE CANNOT BE PROSECUTED FOR ANY OFFENCE OTHER THAN THOSE FOR WHICH EXTRADITION HAS BEEN GRANTED The term “Extradition” implies that one nation giving over an individual to another nation for the purposes of criminal trial or punishment. Treaties between nations and groups of nations govern international extraditions. However, many times it has been seen that Police officials while violating human rights of the person seek police remand of the person who has been extradited in respect ...


1984 sikh riots
COMPENSATION GRANTED TO WIDOW OF ANTI-SIKH RIOTS VICTIM AFTER 33 YEARS In many cases relating to Anti-Sikhs Riots of 1984, neither FIRs have been recorded nor is any evidence related to their death available as such getting compensation from state becomes extremely difficult for the victim's family. One such case come to the Singh Lawyers in which Mr. Navkiran Singh appeared for the Petitioner who is a widow whose husband was killed by the mob in Anti-Sikh Riots in the year 1984. Facts of t...

Tamperable E.V.M. (Electronic Voting Machines) a Threat to Right to Vote and Free and Fair election

Tamperable E.V.M. (Electronic Voting Machines)
Free and Fair election  are  a  very  basic  for  the  survival  of  democracy. Exercising of right  to  vote  and  for  assuring  that the vote which  is  cast  is  accounted   in   favour  of   the  candidate  and  party  which  one  likes  is  the  very  essence   of  democracy. There  was  a  time  when  ballot  papers  were  printed  and  the  votes were  manually  cast  in  the  election, but  now  the  ballot  paper  has  been  replaced  by  electronic  voting  machines  and  everybod...